Thyroid Medication And Weight Loss

Thyroid medication and weight loss will usually go hand in hand. Thyroid medication is recommended when one is suffering from thyroid problems. Thyroid problems affect the body metabolism. These problems fall under two categories; hyperthyroidism which indicates an over active thyroid and hypothyroidism which indicates an under active thyroid. When one is suffering thyroid medication and weight lossfrom an over active thyroid, weight loss is not a problem. This is because, with increased metabolism, the body is able to burn up excess food easily even when one has a high appetite. Hypothyroidism on the other hand leads to weight gain since metabolism slows down.

Thyroid Medication

Thyroid medication will be prescribed for both conditions. Weight loss as a result of using thyroid medication will only happen when one is suffering from hypothyroidism. As one gets better, body metabolism regains its normal activity. As a result, all the weight that the person suffering from hypothyroidism had gained before commencing medication is lost. On the other hand, when one embarks on medication for hyperthyroidism it is very likely that most of the weight they had lost will be gained back.

Normally, when one is suffering from hypothyroidism, the amount of weight gained and that can be directly attributed to the condition is about 5-10pounds. Any extra weight will be due to lifestyle choices. This will include diet, portions of food that one consumes and how much exercise one engages in. Hypothyroidism is caused normally by excess salt and water. Changes in diet and regular exercise combined with thyroid medication will greatly increase the chances of weight loss. One should ensure that they get advice from their doctor on what to eat, how much to eat, exercises that one should engage in and even if they may need any health or medical supplements.

When one is diagnosed with hypothyroidism, the doctor and only the doctor will prescribe medication. At times, hypothyroidism may not require medication. Where it requires medication, one may have to use the medicine for a life time to keep it controlled. When using hypothyroidism medication, one should follow all the directions given by the doctor to the letter. It is recommended that this medication should be taken on an empty stomach and it is very advisable to take it at the same time every day. If one is using any other medication they can take it one hour after it and for any supplements they should be taken four hours after using hypothyroid medication.

The effects of thyroid medication and weight loss will not be felt at once and one therefore needs to check their expectation. There are other things that one suffering from hypothyroidism will need to look at. For instance diet. In addition to the weight gain caused by the condition, one may also have excess weight. To shed off the excess weight they will have to change their diet. Fats, starch and sodium will have to be reduced from their diet. Also one will require intense exercise to ensure that all the weight is lost so as to live a normal life.