Thyroid Problems In Children

Thyroid Problems in Children

Thyroid gland is located in the front portion of the neck. It is mainly responsible for determining the chemical and metabolic activities of the body. Any abnormality in the gland can have profound impact on the growth and functioning of entire body. The over production of hormone by thyroid gland is “hyperthyroidism” and under production is “hypothyroidism”. Thyroid glandthyroid problems in children disease is mostly found in adult, but now research shows thyroid problems in children as well.

Explaining Thyroid Problem To Children

Depending upon the level of understanding of children, they need to be taught and informed about the disease. Many people confuse thyroids with lymph nodes formed on the left side of the neck. Whereas thyroid is in front portion of the neck. It is like a butterfly sitting in the middle portion of the long pipe. In case of hyperthyroidism, the central portion will be slightly over grown, whereas in case of hypothyroidism the area will be limp.

Signs Of Thyroid Problems In Children

There are few signs of emergence of thyroid issues in children, which are:

  • Increase in weight with similar appetite
  • Decreased energy level in the body
  • Soreness of muscles
  • Puff or appearance of swelling
  • Often constipation or hardness of stool
  • Appearance of dry skin, brittle hair

According to the research at Michigan Children Hospital, in children as well as adult autoimmune system causes the body to produce antibodies which eventually kills the thyroid gland. The hormone production by the gland then stops altogether.

How Kids Get Infected With Thyroid Problems

There is no ample proof of disease being epidemic or catchy. Evidences shows that it could be congenital, i.e. can be transmitted at the time of birth from the parents. In other cases, baby thyroid gland may not be able to produce enough hormones for normal functioning. It has also been suggested that the deficiency of iodine in diet also foster thyroid issues in children. Again there could be some medications as well which hinder the proper functioning of thyroid gland.

Treatment Of Thyroid Glands Problems In Children

When hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism is detected in children, doctors need to take corrective measures. In initial stages, doctors take complete blood picture and physical examination of the child to see the actual problem. In case of hyperthyroidism, medicines are prescribed. If after two weeks of medication, improvement is not shown then doctor either treat the child with some other medication which is to be taken by mouth. In severe condition, even surgery is recommended. On the other hand for every new born baby the test of hypothyroidism is done. It is pertinent to mention that under production of hormones need to be treated as it can impact the growth of the child.

The treatment of hypothyroidism is easier as compared to hyperthyroidism. It only requires intake of medicine every day and under production is cured. However medicine will have to be taken for life time. Children with hypothyroidism can come back to normal growth pattern once they start taking proper medications.

To avoid thyroid problems in children parents either need to educate their children about the symptoms of the disease or regularly monitor them so if appears, it could be treated timely and effectively.