Enlarged Thyroid Gland

Modern lifestyles have come at a cost for many. The medical field is at the center of these changes that is occurring in the lifestyles of people. Many new diseases are being diagnosed each year; most of them categorized as the lifestyle diseases. The good news is that the medical experts are up to the […]

Thyroid Hormone Replacement

Thyroid Hormone Replacement

The most common thyroid disease is hypothyroidism, which occurs when the gland fails to produce enough thyroid hormone. In this case, the metabolism is slow, which is why the body functions are slowed down. Although there are several types of treatment, the basic concept is thyroid hormone replacement therapy designed to replace the thyroid hormones […]

Thyroid Problems In Children

thyroid problems in children

Thyroid Problems in Children Thyroid gland is located in the front portion of the neck. It is mainly responsible for determining the chemical and metabolic activities of the body. Any abnormality in the gland can have profound impact on the growth and functioning of entire body. The over production of hormone by thyroid gland is […]

Thyroid Removal Surgery

thyroid removal surgery

Thyroidectomy Or Lobectomy Thyroid removal surgery is a medical procedure which entails the taking away of whole or a portion of the thyroid gland which is the butterfly-shaped gland that is located inside the front part of the lower neck. The procedure is also called thyroidectomy or lobectomy. Thyroid glands are part of the endocrine […]

Thyroxine Side Effects

Side Effects Of Thyroxine

Thyroxine is the key hormone secreted by follicular cells of the thyroid gland into the bloodstream. It is secreted in its inactive form and is converted to its active form by organs like the liver and kidneys. The active form of thyroxine is triiodothyronine. Thyroid hormones help in regulations of body’s metabolic rate, muscle control, […]

Thyroid Medication And Weight Loss

thyroid medication and weight loss

Thyroid medication and weight loss will usually go hand in hand. Thyroid medication is recommended when one is suffering from thyroid problems. Thyroid problems affect the body metabolism. These problems fall under two categories; hyperthyroidism which indicates an over active thyroid and hypothyroidism which indicates an under active thyroid. When one is suffering from an […]